The Penny Hoarder staffer Christopher Levy, photographed August 29 and August 30, 2022, in St. Petersburg, Fla. Chris Zuppa/The Penny Hoarder

About Christopher Levy
& Made Ya Click! LLC


My name is Christopher Levy and I am an experienced Growth Marketer. I lead a multidisciplined team helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) grow through search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and digital public relations (DPR) / linkbuilding, user experience-conversion (UXC) / conversion rate optimization (CRO), and online reputation management.

I’m originally from Long Island, New York, but I currently live in South Florida. I have been working in content marketing since 2004, SEO since 2014, and online education since 2020.

I founded Made Ya Click! LLC in Miami on April 17, 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to help SMBs survive the uncertainty of the lockdown by expanding their digital presence. Since then I have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals with SEO.

If you would like to discuss how I can help your business increase visibility please contact me. If you need more convincing keep scrolling to learn more.

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Brand Power

In recent years I have helped enterprise brands including Nordstrom, AECOM, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Polaris Inc., Red Ventures, and The Penny Hoarder increase their visibility on Google through a combination of SEO tactics including content, technical, local, and outreach.

In 2022 Made Ya Click! became an approved vendor of Raymond James Financial.


Awards and Recognition

In 2021 while at Amsive Digital I was a Specialist on the team that won the US Search Award for Best Use of Search – Health for our work on Livestrong for Leaf Group.

In 2022 I was recruited by LinkedIn as a subject matter expert to develop the SEO certification assessment for LinkedIn Learning.


Content Marketing

My byline has appeared online and in print (see Bibliography) and I have guided the content strategies of online publishers including Red Ventures and Clearlink.


Search Engine Optimization

I have agency (24 DATA, Amsive Digital, King Edward First, and Marketing Six) and in-house experience (Polaris Inc. and Clearlink) as an SEO Specialist and Manager guiding complex projects and leading multidisciplined teams.


Online Education

I have more than 1,000 classroom hours teaching online digital marketing courses for continuing education programs at the University of Miami, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Loyola University New Orleans, Old Dominion University, San Diego State University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and am an advisory panel member for the digital marketing program at USF Muma College of Business.

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With a click
anything can shift

We are the click people

Your business is about clicks. Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation or a sole proprietorship, your business relies on customers clicking.

Each click brings you closer to a conversion.

Clicks = Conversions

Committed to conversions

Using a holistic approach to growth marketing we focus on improving your conversions by combing search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, digital public relations (DPR), user experience (UX), and online reputation management.

FOMO [ foh-moh ] ( noun )

a feeling of anxiety or insecurity over the possibility of missing out on something, as an event or an opportunity

Google is a Referral Engine

My strategy involves providing a Google a clear understanding of your business. The better Google understands who you are and what you do the higher they will rank your content.

Content Marketing

Improve content around E-E-A-T best practices to validate your offline credentials online.

Technical SEO

Improve website technical performance for user experience, crawlability, and multilanguage support.

Digital PR | Linkbuilding

Network with publications that are geographically and topically relevant to earn backlinks.

Local SEO | Google Maps

Improve presence locally with Google Business Profile optimization and review curation.

Content Marketing

As Google’s technology has become more sophisticated in understanding online content, so must the strategies that drive results.

Optimize Existing Content

Analyze and optimize existing content to ensure compliance with current industry best practices.

Improve Website Authority

Provide greater attribution to the source of the content to leverage expertise and experience to build trust and authority.

Identify Opportunities

Recommend new content opportunities based on third party data on search volume and difficulty.

Improve Internal Linking

Connect the dots for Google internally with improved internal linking on existing content.

Technical SEO

Your website and Google’s search engine are both built on code. Our approach is to recommend and help facilitate code changes that lead to better software compatibility between your site and Google.

Optimize Schema

Improve existing schema and recommend additions to improve Google’s ability to contextualize pages.

Improve Core Web Vitals

Look for opportunities to improve site performance to optimize for Google’s Core Web Vitals metrics.

Solve Errors

Solve existing 404 errors and monitor Google Search Console for errors pertaining to indexation.

Improve International SEO

Improve hreflang usage to improve ranking for foreign language content.

Digital PR | Linkbuilding

Word of mouth is the most effective form of marketing. Linkbuilding is the closest thing Google has to word of mouth.

Source Link Opportunities

Network with publications to secure relevant geographic and topical link placements.

Connect with Media Outlets

Identify opportunities to add value to publications with comments and insights to build brand.

Disavow Toxic Backlinks

Review existing backlinks for unhelpful or unwanted links that could be hurting performance.

Facilitate Paid Opportunities

Curate and present opportunities to acquire additional links through paid placements.

Local SEO | Google Maps

No matter how large a business or how many markets you serve, performance will be determined by how well your brand appears on local searches.

Improve Google Business Profile

Optimize your Google Business Profile to ensure software opportunities are fully leveraged.

Crosspost Content

Improve existing content and add new content to improve visual look and feel to increase clicks.

Reputation Management

Work with internal marketing team to add more reviews to Google Business Profiles.

Name, Address, Phone (NAP) Accuracy

Ensure placement in local directories to maximize visibilities across all platforms.


I provide service for all levels.

And support as you grow.


Get up and running quickly!

  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Citation Building
  • Local Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Reviews Management


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Growing business, growing needs.

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics & Reporting


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Need more? Don’t worry, I’m here.

  • Technical SEO Audit
  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Reputation Management


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Content Marketing

The Link Between Content and Success

Topic Selection

Keywords are so “2000-and-late”. As machine language models evolve so does Google’s ability to understand a page and site’s content on a holistic level. Topical authority is the secret to our success.

Intent Mapping

Ranking for a keyword where you cannot serve your audience’s needs is a recipe for failure. Not just for the piece of content, but for the brand as a whole. We focus on content your audience expects to find.

A Better Brief

By providing SEO research to subject matter experts, rather than having SEO writers research topics, we increase efficiency and content quality. This saves time and money.


In the age of misinformation Google is more mindful than ever regarding what brands and what content it prioritizes in search results. By providing accurate, factual, comprehensive content to your audience the engagement and trust signals that follow will lead to increased performance.


Our content is ready to publish. Not just in terms of content editing, but with a quality control check from a seasoned SEO content professional.

Topic Selection

It all starts with choosing the right topic.

Beyond simple keyword research from an SEO tool our team starts from a holistic view of your brand. We focus on the pain points of your audience and the solutions that you are best positioned to deliver.

With results-based goals tailored to your audience only then do we identify

target keyword opportunities to build our content around.

Our strategy then builds additional content around these targets leading to topical authority, which in turn leads to better organic search performance.

Without clear goals and audience understanding keywords are useless.

Intent Mapping

Monthly search volume (MSV) and keyword difficulty are important metrics that tell you how and what people are searching.

We focus on the why.

If your content does not deliver what your audience is looking for then they will not engage. If your audience does not engage, you cannot monetize.

By going beyond traditional keyword research we help shape the content from inception to ensure it matches search intent.

As recent Google anti-trust documents have shown, user signals play a much more critical role in rankings than realized.

A Better Brief

Our industry-leading content briefs are the secret to our success.

By investing time in clear instructions that improve content’s search performance we can utilize subject matter experts that better understand your brand, niche, and audience, but do not understand SEO.

The use of SEO content writers has resulted in lower content quality as writers attempt to focus on how to rank their content instead of how to write their content. This is a huge problem in the industry.

Our model is built on an assembly line where content is touched by an expert at each stage improving the quality of the content dramatically.


E-E-A-T is not an SEO light switch. It is not something you can simply turn on and see rankings improve.

However, your audience will only engage with content written by people who are Experienced and Experts on the content they are crafting.

In turn, this will lead to your audience Trusting you. They will begin to seek you out through other channels and improve your holistic performance.

This engagement will make you an Authority on your topics. Google and other search engines will reward you because they know your audience wants to find you.


Our SEO strategists evaluate the content from a search performance to ensure the expectations of the brief as met.

By separating the role of content editing from SEO quality control each can focus on their expertise, rather than a single hybrid role with less expertise.

By providing content that is ready for publish we cut your internal costs on editing.

We don’t just solve content problems. We solve budgetary problems.

The Benefits of Centralized Production


Has a project ever gone over budget or out of scope? Has a freelance writer ever missed a delivery date? Has your staff writer ever stolen company time? By using our content production solution you deal with a single point of contact at a fixed price with guaranteed on time delivery. As a result we dramatically slash your internal team costs in terms of salary, bandwidth, and other headaches such as accounting for multiple freelance invoices and complicated 1099 tax filings. As a vendor it is one predictable and tax friendly invoice.


Our SEO strategists have led award winning content strategies for enterprise publishers including Clearlink, Leaf Group, and Red Ventures.

Our writers have been featured in print and online publications and include experts in finance, health, and law – the Your Money, Your Life (YMYL) verticals.


We have delivered with a high rate of successful for enterprise clients through multiple iterations of Google’s algorithm.

With us you know what you’re getting, because others have already gotten it. Our topline package comes with quarterly business reviews with data and audience focused insights.

Topic Ideation + Briefs – $100

Our team will use its deep understanding of audience to research relevant topics. We will create industry leading briefs for your writers.

Content Production – $250

Our team of writers and subject matter experts will carefully follow your briefs. Our editors and SEO professionals will ensure that content is ready to post, and ready to deliver results.

The Total Package – $300

Our team will handle the topic, the research, the writing, and the editing from both a subject matter and SEO capacity.

Plans and Pricing

Featured Video

In the News

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The Wellington Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual installation luncheon on Wednesday, March 23 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center, now known as Wellington International. Read More

Digital Marketing Company Moves to Wellington

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April 17, 2020 | Made Ya Click!

I am pleased to announce that after seventeen years of offering digital marketing services I have joined with my partner, Cari Cantillo, in founding Made Ya Click! Read More


Where in the world is Christopher Levy?


April 2024

SEO Video Show – How to Create SEO Visualizations


October 2023

DMO Advanced – Napa


Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa 3425 Solano Avenue, Napa, California, USA, 94558


August 2023

Google Search Central Live San Francisco


One Market Plaza 55 Spear Street, San Francisco, 94105


October 2022

Meet the Candidates District 22 US Representative


The Wanderers Club 1900 Aero Club Drive Wellington, FL 33414


March 2022

2022 Board Installation and Show Jumping Viewing Luncheon


 The Wellington Club at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center 3401 Equestrian Club Rd Wellington, FL 33414


January 2022

New Year New Career: Why You Should Pursue Digital Marketing in 2022


SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps


October 2021

Social Media Marketing 101: Essentials for an Effective Strategy


Kansas State University Digital Skills Bootcamps 22201 West Innovation Drive Olathe, KS 66061


July 2021

Using Google’s Data and Analytics Tools


Old Dominion University 4607 Hampton Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23508


June 2021

Introduction to SEO: “How Can We Know the Unknowable?”


NJIT Digital Skills Bootcamps 323 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd University Heights Newark, NJ 07102

Education and Career History

July 1


In mid-2022 after successfully handing off my SEO work at Made Ya Click! I sought a return to enterprise accounts after being recruited for the role of SEO Manager at Clearlink. Originally assigned to manage the largest property in their portfolio, The Penny Hoarder, I eventually came to manage, and SafeWise. I led a team of four SEO specialists and collaborated closely with digital public relations (DPR) and user experience/conversion rate optimization (UX-C) teams, and more broadly with teams from editorial and leadership. Our combined efforts led to 100 million sessions and $65 million in affiliate revenue attributed to organic channels. I championed E-A-T best practices I had previously seen implemented on similar Red Ventures properties including granular improvements to author markup that results in capturing the author carousel and knowledge panels. I furthered the development of content briefs focused on intent mapping. I monitored traffic decline to SERP feature changes and pursued new areas of organic traffic in Google Discover (by implementing featured image improvements based on previous research), Google News (through integrating with Google Publisher Center), and video and image search by coordinating with design teams. I negotiated vendor agreements with SaaS partners including Semrush, SimilarWeb, MarketMuse, and tested software options such as Surfer and Glimpse. I led presentations to the C-suite on SEO performance and strategy (defined as “tactics” internally) including traveling to lead on site quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Accounts:, The Penny Hoarder, and SafeWise.

Biggest Challenge: Improving E-E-A-T on financial content sites through a combination of editorial changes, onpage adjustments, and granular structured data enhancements.

Biggest Accomplishment: Updating company wide content brief strategy to focus on intent mapping.

August 1

Amsive Digital

In 2021 I pursued a coveted SEO Specialist position on Lily Ray’s SEO team at Amsive Digital in New York City. Upon receiving the role, I was placed on several accounts whose combined annual revenue exceeded $26 billion. Working closely with talented SEOs too numerous to mention, I gained hands-on knowledge and experience from the best with emphasis on expertise, authority, trustworthiness (E-A-T) content best practices. Among the accounts I worked on were Nordstrom where I provided category optimizations and reviewed complex technical challenges related to pagination. I led the content ideation strategy for Greatist (a Red Ventures property). I performed research on developing Google trends including the change to page titles on SERP and the impact of clickthrough rate (CTR) after the addition of infinite scroll and contributing to research on performance on Google Discover. During this first time I first used Supermetrics and Content King.

Accounts: CareFirst Health Insurance, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, Leaf Group (Livestrong), Nordstrom (Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack), Red Ventures (Greatist, Healthline, & Medical News Today), & The Recovery Village.

Biggest Challenge: Pivoting from different accounts in different verticals in a fast paced agency.

Biggest Accomplishment: As a member of the team working on Livestrong I received the 2021 US Search Award for Best Use of Search – Health.

August 1

Weiss Ratings

Also, in 2021 I began a consultancy with Weiss Ratings – a company with five decades of experience undergoing a digital modernization. I was responsible for ensuring the SEO viability of the consolidation of both their websites by migrating into Due to careful planning and execution in terms of URL mapping and redirect implementation the combined saw traffic equal to the combined traffic of the previous sites, followed by consistent increases. As the site was built in Orchard several technical SEO challenges included the lack of an automated sitemap and robots.txt, lack of canonical tags, and lack of schema. A combination of on page improvements such as improving author pages and improving schema I improved their E-A-T and curated several knowledge panels for both the brand and their authors. During this time, I first used the paid version of GTmetrix.

Biggest Challenge: Working in Orchard to create XML sitemaps and inject advanced JSON-LD structured data.

Biggest Accomplishment: Implementing E-A-T and YMYL best practices to capture knowledge panels related to cryptocurrency.

October 1


In late 2020 I was recruited by Polaris as the lone US-based SEO Specialist. I worked on multiple accounts including off-road vehicles, on-road vehicles, marine, and the Polaris website itself. As their portfolio of sites were built on EPiServer it proved a difficult technical task requiring complex mapping to unique database properties. I developed and implemented advanced schema on vehicle pages, and manually created multiple hreflang sitemaps. It was in this role that I first used Searchmetrics.

Accounts: Off-road vehicles (Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Polaris Snowmobiles, Timbersled), on-road vehicles (Indian Motorcycle and Polaris Slingshot), marine (Bennington, Godfrey, and Hurricane) and the Polaris website itself

Biggest Challenge: Adapting EpiServer database properties to associate with their corresponding JSON-LD structured data values.

Biggest Accomplishment: Contributing value to an enterprise level publicly traded corporation.

September 1

ThriveDX (formerly HackerU)

In late 2020 I was recruited by HackerU (now ThriveDX) as a digital marketing Instructor for their online continuing education programs. During this time, I taught 58 courses on digital marketing on specialized topics, helped to develop the curriculum for multiple courses, logged more than 1,000 classroom hours, taught more than 300 students, led extra help sessions, and served as a mentor to student mock agencies over a seven-month period. After a cybersecurity incident I was later contracted as Technical Program Manager where I was responsible for installing and maintaining student and instructor WordPress accounts, resolving student support tickets, and communication with BlueHost’s account manager and IT support team. I helped provide use cases for partnership agreement with SaaS partners including Moz. As a representative of the program, I conducted live webinars to prospective students with audiences greater than 1,000 creating and presenting decks on SEO, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and career pathing.

Programs: University of Miami, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Old Dominion University, Loyola University of New Orleans, University of Wisconsin-Madison, San Diego State University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, & California State University Long Beach.

Courses: Search engine marketing, web development for marketers, search engine optimization, social media marketing (organic and paid), data analytics & visualization, customer relationship management, digital strategy, content writing/marketing, fundamentals of marketing, & e-commerce.

Biggest Challenge: Spending up to 30 hours per week teaching in addition to full time employment.

Biggest Accomplishment: Positive feedback and recognition from students and peers.

April 1

Made Ya Click!

In early 2020 I created a small agency with my wife called Made Ya Click! to allow me to make freelancing during the COVID-19 pandemic easier. During this time I performed SEO services such as content optimization, content briefs, audits, technical improvements (adding schema and improving core web vitals), and consulting. Particular highlights included completing the vendor requirements to work with a Raymond James franchise, and in-depth audit of AECOM covering content, technical, and outreach. In addition to my work in SEO I had to perform business development, sales, and human resources functions including negotiation contracts, hiring contractors and vendors, and sourcing and closing leads. I also designed and developed the agency website in WordPress. In this capacity I joined the Wellington (FL) Chamber of Commerce and eventually became an Ambassador to both support the local community and pursue business development opportunities. 

Clients: AECOMArete Industries (Designer Golf Products, R3 Site Furnishings, & Site Essentials), AzallaBettina’s TeaBevanda Products, white labeling for Compound Growth MarketingEddie’s Home ImprovementFibO2Florida Tax SolversGuaranteed Service (King George Plumbing & Mid-State HVAC), iQ ConceptLED SourceKey Vehicle Resources, white labeling for Moxie Method, Raymond James/Connor Financial Group, Sebasco Harbor Resort, Hemisphere Worldwide Sales, (I Love the Burg & That’s So Tampa), Rapid 3 Tires, Revamped Resumes, Mizner Grande Realty/Roger Plevin, Upstate Fire Protection, and Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA.

Biggest Challenge: Scaling the business without a decrease in quality of work.

Biggest Accomplishment: Securing vendor agreement with Raymond James.

January 1


In 2019 I went to work for 24 DATA first as an SEO Content Writer and later as an SEO Specialist. It was in this role that I transitioned from writing content using provided briefs to performing keyword research, creating content briefs, performing technical SEO, and outreach to earn backlinks. I defined the strategy for several subsidiaries of Community Loans of America in the payday loan industry for both their websites and Google Business Profiles. This was particularly difficult due to the nature of the service (high interest loans, sometimes described as “predatory”), which was difficult to rank, the use of fake author bios, and the client’s previous participation in “black hat” link building techniques. During this time, I was introduced to Google Search Console, Google Data Studio, and several SEO tool mainstays including Semrush, Screaming Frog SEO Spyder, ahrefs, and Bright Local. As the sites were built in Laravel I had to manually generate JSON-LD structured data (schema). I would generate weekly reporting on up to seven accounts and would present in client facing meetings. My accounts dominated the local search engine results pages (SERP) in content and on Google Maps along with capturing rich results such as featured snippets and people also asked (PAA). I learned project management software and developed the weekly SEO content flow process coordinating between SEO, content, development, and project management teams.

Accounts: Community Loans of America (Fast Payday Loans, New Mexico Title LoansTennessee Title LoansUtah Title Loans, and Wisconsin Auto Title Loans) and Nextwave Funding.

Biggest Challenge: Coding JSON-LD structured data by hand to manually inject on Laravel.

Biggest Accomplishment: Ranking at the top in organic SERP and local pack for predatory lending terms.

August 1

Newspaper Publishers

In 2018 I relocated to South Florida to write for local print publications including The Town-Crier Newspaper and Wellington The Magazine. I would write eight articles and photo assignments for the weekly print and online edition with a monthly business feature for the monthly print magazine. In addition to writing, I would also edit and take photographs. I would export the print edition from Adobe InDesign to WordPress for the online edition.

Biggest Challenge: Maintaining unbiased neutrality on complex local issues.

Biggest Accomplishment: Interviewing Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on patient brokering in Palm Beach County.

August 1

Freelance SEO Content Writer

In 2014 while writing content for Just Collect I worked with SEO consultant Dave DiGregorio to create articles and product descriptions, which was my introduction to the world of search engine optimization. In 2018, I also began freelancing as an SEO content writer for The Digital Intellect on accounts in the recovery industry, and for VIP Club Scene writing on the luxury party scene, using provided content briefs.

Biggest Challenge: Writing content on topics I was unfamiliar with.

Biggest Accomplishment: Getting my foot in the door and transitioning to SEO.

August 1

Freelance Journalist

In the summer of 2005, friends and I discovered a new trend called “blogging” and launched Kill Henry Clay! focused on current events and politics. Following college, I combined my museum internship with marketing skills to become a consultant for auction houses, dealers, and collectors in the sports card and memorabilia industry. During this time, I wrote for first for Freedom Cardboard and later Sports Collectors Daily, where I regularly traveled to cover industry events and tradeshows. Among my many interviews were baseball hall of famers Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith. One of my articles was excerpted by Sports Illustrated’s online edition. This was my introduction to WordPress, page titles, meta descriptions, internal and external linking, and alt text for images. Later, my work appeared in Modern Cities on urban redevelopment, and for Evolve Media on Mandatory on pop culture.

Biggest Challenge: Sourcing unique and compelling ideas to create content.

Biggest Accomplishment: Interviewing Cal Ripken at the Louisville Slugger Museum.

January 1

Maritime Industry Museum

My internship was at the Maritime Industry Museum where I was assistant to the executive director and curator. I handled all content needs including exhibit descriptions, internal and external communications, and donor outreach.

Biggest Challenge: Completing grant applications.

Biggest Accomplishment: Unveiling painting of Admiral Stephen B. Luce at SUNY Maritime College alumni association gala.

August 1

SUNY Maritime College

My career began while I was still a student at SUNY Maritime College in The Bronx, NY. As the lone Humanities major in my academic year, I found myself working first as a tutor and eventually as a Teacher’s Assistant (TA) for English courses and manager of the student learning center. In addition, I was a computer science department laboratory monitor and a Resident Assistant (RA). I was named to the Dean’s list multiple semesters, was elected to the Student Government Association, and served two years on the Faculty Student Association.

Biggest Challenge: Balancing undergraduate coursework with United States Coast Guard training.

Biggest Accomplishment: Elected by classmates to represent them in Student Government Association.


Adrya M. Acosta | Digital Marketing Student at University of Miami

I had the pleasure of having Christopher Levy as an instructor for the digital marketing program and agency ambassador for our final agency model at the University of Miami. He is a wonderful instructor, using his life experiences to help us make more informed decisions about best serving our future clients and ourselves. He is dedicated, kind, funny, and one of my favorite instructors from the program. I am grateful to him for his guidance and would recommend him to anyone.

Al Crisafulli | Owner at Love of the Game Auctions

Christopher Levy is a talented writer with a passion for his subject matter; on the occasion I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with him I found him to be knowledgeable, hard-working and dedicated to his craft. In the time I’ve known him, he has written several important pieces that helped educate and inform readers. He is a diligent researcher with keen insights and a strong marketing background that help shape his work.

Andrey Gidaspov | Executive Director at Vicente Ferrer Foundation USA

I’ve been fortunate to work with Christopher Levy on a number of projects, and I am always impressed with the quality of his work. The secret of his success is simple: Christopher is a great listener and a true expert. On top of that, he is passionate about helping many non-profit organizations to make a real difference in transforming vulnerable communities nationwide and around the world. I look forward to continuing our work with Christopher and his company on a wide range of international projects.

Victoria Ipri | Owner at Revamped Resumes

I don’t say this often, but when I do, I mean it – Christopher Levy knows his stuff! There is nothing simple about SEO, so I turned to Chris when creating a new website because I didn’t have the time or the inclination to try doing it myself. I was so glad I did because he has a mastery of SEO that I believe is unsurpassed. Whatever challenges we faced, or whatever requests I made, he was quick to reply, provided excellent suggestions, turned my thinking around when it wasn’t quite right, and made sure my website received all the benefits of his services so I could sell, sell, sell! I highly recommend Chris for your SEO needs – you won’t be disappointed.

Rich Klein | Co-Worker at Sports Collectors Daily

Christopher Levy is a very talented writer who adds a flair to everything he does. He has worked very hard to refine his skills and is also quite good at interpersonal communications which in today’s world is a skill sorely lacking in many people. I recommend Christopher highly for any endeavor now and in the future.

Amy Mallinson | Digital Marketing Student at Old Dominion University

Christopher Levy is a super fun teacher, who uses storytelling and fun anecdotes to help us remember important material. And of course, he’s also a brilliant digital marketer.

Don Morrison | Owner at Arete Industries

Christopher Levy managed all four of our business unit LinkedIn pages. He was very thorough in selecting the appropriate keywords and posting themes. We definitely saw an uptick in our activity.

Rich Mueller | Direct Report at Sports Collectors Daily

Christopher Levy is a detail-oriented writer with the ability to handle a variety of different assignments. While his work with us has been focused on various types of topics related to sports memorabilia from the 19th century to the present day (all of which he handles easily), it’s clear that his diligence, research ability and professionalism would translate well to virtually any topic. His work requires little editing (yay!) and when there are changes suggested, he’s able to implement smoothly and easily.

Anthony Nex | Promoter at Southern California Sports Collectors Show

In 2014 some friends and I produced a series of sports shows. The attendance in the first one was a bit lackluster, so for the 2nd one we asked Christopher Levy to write an article on the event. The results were off the chart – attendance was way up, revenue was up, and the show was very successful. I have no doubt it was Chris’s article that made all the difference, and for that we were extremely grateful.

Roger Plevin | Realtor at Mizner Grande Realty

My business encounter with Christopher Levy cultivated his expertise on media marketing. He demonstrated and worked a viable plan to enhance my business branding which ultimately proved its success with quantifiable results.

Jordan Ray | Owner at Limitless Medical Logs

Christopher Levy‘s incredible passion for helping others shows in his work. His article on my story has opened more doors and created incredible lifelong relationships.

Marty Ross | Commissioner at Wycliffe Stiffs

It is journalists like Christopher Levy that give readers much enjoyment with a nostalgic activity like stickball. We have always appreciated your contribution to keeping stickball a tradition and not just a game.

Sherry Sechrest | Digital Marketing Student at North Carolina State University

Christopher Levy is an amazing teacher providing great feedback and can address technique issues that you may encounter. His vast knowledge of digital marketing is a huge asset to anyone looking into digital marketing.

Zhiliang Wang | Shipmate at SUNY Maritime College

Although university life sounds like distant past for many who are reading this, but memory of Christopher Levy remains vivid, among much of those precious memories, his mastery of English language stands out: not just only he conducted laughter in every social gathering with his speech (formal or informal, but all well received in the setting), he proof-read and edit my resume. The very same resume I used to get my summer intern job to management level positions I was holding and am holding in some leading companies in maritime industry today. I didn’t realized that I was lucky to have such professional service for the price of only few beers back then, but really, thank you, Chris. Stay safe in hurricane!


SEO Campaigns


Marketing Six

Agency (2023-’24)

  • Ajlouny Injury Law (law firm)
  • Bailey Cowan Heckaman (law firm)
  • The Case Handler (law firm)
  • Denlea & Carton (law firm)
  • Falcon Law Group (law firm)
  • Flesch & Beck Law (law firm)
  • Freeburn Law (law firm)
  • Levin Law (law firm)
  • Levin & Nalbandyan (law firm)
  • Mase Seitz Briggs (law firm)
  • Richard Schwartz & Associates (law firm)
  • Ridley Defense (law firm)


King Edward First

Agency (2023-24)

  • Capitol Fire Sprinkler (local service)
  • Galactic Federation of Light (apparel e-commerce)
  • Koffler Sales (B2B e-commerce)
  • Kurvana (THC e-commerce)
  • Precision Oyster Bay Family Dental & Specialisty (local dentist)
  • Taopatch USA (medical e-commerce)
  • Wild Idea Buffalo (food e-commerce)



In-House (2022-’23)

  • (financial content)
  • (affiliate content)
  • The Penny Hoarder (financial content)
  • SafeWise (affiliate content)


Amsive Digital

Agency (2021)

  • CareFirst Health Insurance (insurance provider)
  • Healthy Paws Pet Insurance (insurance provider)
  • Leaf Group
    • Livestrong (lifestyle content)
  • Nordstrom
    • Nordstrom (retail e-commerce)
    • Nordstrom Rack (retail e-commerce)
  • Red Ventures
    • Greatist (lifestyle content)
    • Healthline (medical content)
    • Medical News Today (medical content)
  • The Recovery Village (recovery and addiction)


Weiss Ratings

In-House (2021-’23)

  • Weiss Ratings (financial content)
  • Weiss Crypto (financial content)



In-House (2020-’21)

  • Polaris (enterprise corporation)
    • Polaris Off-Road
      • Polaris RZR (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Polaris Ranger (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Polaris Snowmobiles (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Timbersled (vehicle manufacturer)
    • Polaris On-Road
      • Indian Motorcycle (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Polaris Slingshot (vehicle manufacturer)
    • Polaris Marine
      • Bennington (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Godfrey (vehicle manufacturer)
      • Hurricane (vehicle manufacturer)



Agency (2019-’21)

  • Community Loans of America
    • Alabama Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Carolina Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Cash Cow (lead generation)
    • Delaware Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Fast Auto Loans (lead generation)
    • Fast Payday Loans (lead generation)
    • Georgia Auto Pawns (lead generation)
    • Illinois Title Loas (lead generation)
    • Mississippi Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Missouri Title Loans (lead generation)
    • New Mexico Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Simple Fast Loans (lead generation)
    • Southwest Finance (lead generation)
    • Tennessee Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services (lead generation)
    • Utah Title Loans (lead generation)
    • Wisconsin Auto Title Loans (lead generation)
  • Nextwave Funding (lead generation)


The Digital Intellect

Agency (2018)

  • Aspire Health Network (recovery and addiction)




Wellington The Magazine

  • October, 2018 print edition
    • Professional: Lynda Reich Of Master Travel Helps Clients Explore The World
    • Prenuptial Agreements | Why Visiting A Lawyer Is Great Advice For Many Couples
  • November, 2018 print edition
    • Professional: Community Service Is Important To Financial Planners Ben And Joanna Boynton
  • December, 2018 print edition
    • Professional: Allen Gillespie Of PC Pros Help Individuals And Businesses With Computer Repairs
    • Holiday Dining Guide


VIP Club Scene

  • Costumes for Halloween Parties – 8/24/2018
  • KAABOO Del Mar 2018: VIP Packages – 8/24/2018
  • Does Alcohol Increase the Urge to Have Sex? – 8/24/2018
  • Do I Have Time to Date Her? – 9/17/2018
  • Why Do Guys Have to Check Out Every Girl They See? – 9/17/2018   
  • How Long is Good Enough? – 9/17/2018


The Town-Crier Newspaper


Just Collect


Freedom Cardboard

  • Coming Out Party for T5 Pinkertons – 2/10/2010
  • Looking Back: National Chicle – 2/18/2010
  • The Cutting Edge of Custom Cards – 2/26/2010
  • Grading Companies Split the Market – 5/16/2010
  • George Mikan’s Resurrection in the Hobby – 5/20/2010
  • No Hobby Love for On Card Legendary Autos? – 6/3/2010
  • Million Dollar Litigation Rocks Memorabilia Industry – 4/11/2011
  • Pitcher With 4-5 Lifetime Record Poised to Set Auction Record – 4/13/2011
  • Ranking the Scarce Legendary Relics – 4/17/2011


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