In late 2020 I was recruited by HackerU (now ThriveDX) as a digital marketing Instructor for their online continuing education programs. During this time, I taught 58 courses on digital marketing on specialized topics, helped to develop the curriculum for multiple courses, logged more than 1,000 classroom hours, taught more than 300 students, led extra help sessions, and served as a mentor to student mock agencies over a seven-month period. After a cybersecurity incident I was later contracted as Technical Program Manager where I was responsible for installing and maintaining student and instructor WordPress accounts, resolving student support tickets, and communication with BlueHost’s account manager and IT support team. I helped provide use cases for partnership agreement with SaaS partners including Moz. As a representative of the program, I conducted live webinars to prospective students with audiences greater than 1,000 creating and presenting decks on SEO, Google Analytics, social media marketing, and career pathing.

Programs: University of Miami, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Old Dominion University, Loyola University of New Orleans, University of Wisconsin-Madison, San Diego State University, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, & California State University Long Beach.

Courses: Search engine marketing, web development for marketers, search engine optimization, social media marketing (organic and paid), data analytics & visualization, customer relationship management, digital strategy, content writing/marketing, fundamentals of marketing, & e-commerce.

Biggest Challenge: Spending up to 30 hours per week teaching in addition to full time employment.

Biggest Accomplishment: Positive feedback and recognition from students and peers.