In mid-2022 after successfully handing off my SEO work at Made Ya Click! I sought a return to enterprise accounts after being recruited for the role of SEO Manager at Clearlink. Originally assigned to manage the largest property in their portfolio, The Penny Hoarder, I eventually came to manage, and SafeWise. I led a team of four SEO specialists and collaborated closely with digital public relations (DPR) and user experience/conversion rate optimization (UX-C) teams, and more broadly with teams from editorial and leadership. Our combined efforts led to 100 million sessions and $65 million in affiliate revenue attributed to organic channels. I championed E-A-T best practices I had previously seen implemented on similar Red Ventures properties including granular improvements to author markup that results in capturing the author carousel and knowledge panels. I furthered the development of content briefs focused on intent mapping. I monitored traffic decline to SERP feature changes and pursued new areas of organic traffic in Google Discover (by implementing featured image improvements based on previous research), Google News (through integrating with Google Publisher Center), and video and image search by coordinating with design teams. I negotiated vendor agreements with SaaS partners including Semrush, SimilarWeb, MarketMuse, and tested software options such as Surfer and Glimpse. I led presentations to the C-suite on SEO performance and strategy (defined as “tactics” internally) including traveling to lead on site quarterly business reviews (QBRs).

Accounts:, The Penny Hoarder, and SafeWise.

Biggest Challenge: Improving E-E-A-T on financial content sites through a combination of editorial changes, onpage adjustments, and granular structured data enhancements.

Biggest Accomplishment: Updating company wide content brief strategy to focus on intent mapping.